Sustainability for Agroittica

Sustainability or us is the ability to maintain our business model over time in relation to various environmental, social and economic factors, evaluated in perspective.

Sustainable by demand

Sustainability originates from a mental approach and a way of thinking projected into the future. A company that has production cycles lasting several years is compelled to deal with the sustainability of its choices. Agroittica's production standard is an integrated model with three different production cycles that moderate each other's impact, enabling energy savings and a responsible use of water resources.

Sustainability originates from a mental approach.

A way of thinking projected into the future.
The production approach
The aquaculture model followed by Agroittica is based on the management of complex systems that promote biological processes and maintain the natural balance of the ecosystem. Sturgeons live in an environment very close to their natural one, with access to additional food supplementation, same as what they would naturally catch in the wild. This increases the sustainability of the production as well as the organoleptic quality of the fish and particularly of caviar.
Protecting the sturgeons
All species of sturgeon are at extreme risk of extinction and are therefore protected by the CITES Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. Agroittica, through the production of a sustainable supply of caviar, helps ease the pressure of fishing wild stocks. Stocks of farmed sturgeons represent an important genetic pool that is carefully preserved by Agroittica and is available for fauna repopulation plans.
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