Company Values

The Made in Italy label
can be reductive
To us, it is not just a statement of origin of the product, but it represents the passion, enthusiasm, care and originality with which we imagine and do things. It comes from an ancient culture and a territory that has always stimulated a quest for perfection.
The sturgeons are part of this territory and we would like our products to reveal all these aspects through the tasting experience of our consumers.
Respect for animals
also means respect for quality
Each animal focuses its energy on reproduction until the senses detect potential adversity.
When breeding is aimed at caviar production, it is vital that all conditions of the living environment are positive, avoiding any potential source of stress.
for the environment
We consider the breeding sites of our farm as an oasis of biodiversity and protect every indigenous species living within it. In a world increasingly altered, we strive to integrate our production activity with the cycles of nature respecting its rhythms.
for the community
We believe in training and investing in the new generations. We
give our contribution by promoting our values within the local community and directly participating in the organization of cultural events, often in collaboration with schools and public institutions.
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