Vision & Mission

AQUAE OPTIMA. Great things come from water

We were born to experiment

new forms of aquaculture and set the standards in this area.
We perfected our products by reaching new quality goals, applied the knowledge acquired in forty years to choosing fish species from all over the world and introducing them to the market.

Our passion and expertise have been decisive in overcoming every difficulty encountered in a 12-year production cycle, the time needed to refine the quality of our caviar.

Valuing employees

We believe that even the best technology cannot replace the human touch and that quality is not just a matter of sanitary standards.

Our products are the result and expression of all the passion, experience and skills of our personnel.

Much of the work is artisanal and requires long training and craftsmanship, with time being the ingredient that characterizes our products.

The Mission
of Agroittica Lombarda S.p.A.

AQUAE OPTIMA. Great things come from water

Ensuring the company a sustainable growth while taking into consideration the protection of the environment and, in particular, of water resources, animal welfare and respect for the people and the community in which it operates.

Developing and selecting high-quality standards of food from water through innovation and continuous improvement, reflection of the Italian passion and care in imagining and realizing ideas.

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